This Looks Like Aliens Attacking Our Planet, But Somehow Isn’t.

It’s difficult to capture electrical discharges on camera, especially if they last a few milliseconds and are 50-90 KM above the Earth’s surface. In fact, “sprite lightning” wasn’t captured until 1989. These pictures from Marko Korosec while in Vivaro, Italy may be the only opportunity you get to see a difficult-to-observe phenomena, so enjoy it while you can. Take a look at Korosec’s incredible images below.

Sprite lightning.

Marko Korosec

Electrical discharges have never looked this beautiful.

Marko Korosec

With all of the amazing sights to see in Italy, it’s admirable that the photographer even thought to look up.

Marko Korosec


Marko Korosec

What a beautiful phenomena.

Marko Korosec

(via Amusing Planet)

I never thought I’d be so amazed by pictures of something I never knew existed. This planet sure is amazing. One second you think you know it, and the next you’re finding out about lightning that’s crazier than regular lightning. Amazing.