Amazing Bird’s Eye View of the World’s Colorful Beaches



Art can be captured anywhere. It just takes the right place, the right time, the right light, the right angle – and the right eye to see the beauty easily overlooked by the average person. To see evidence of this, take the photos of Bernhard Lang, Antoine Rose, Gray Malin, and Alex MacLean, who raised the beauty of beaches into a higher artistic level. We all know beaches are already beautiful, but when shot from above and mixed with the elements that make an emerald beach alive: beach bums, colorful umbrellas, towels, and chairs; these aerial images will convince you that looking at things in a different perspective can be unexpectedly awesome.

Antoine-Rose5 Alex-MacLean5 Bernhard-Lang4 Bernhard-Lang5 Antoine-Rose4 Gray-Malin4 Alex-MacLean2 Bernhard-Lang1 Alex-MacLean Antoine-Rose Alex-MacLean3 Antoine-Rose3 Alex-MacLean4 Gray-Malin2 Sven-Zacek Gray-Malin3 Gray-Malin Bernhard-Lang2 Gray-Malin5 Antoine-Rose2 Bernhard-Lang3