Another fine collection of Funny Atheist Images

Islam is a religion of peace – just like Christianity was

Teach the controversy


The Nazis were Atheists – right?


We are ALL born atheist


Rationality rules. Thanks to Atheist Eve


People believe this stuff?


Atheists in heaven – Bugcomic


Sadly missed – George Carlin on religion.


How to annoy religious people – Matt Milby


You sure it is prayers that are keeping you alive?


This is how religion starts


Damn straight


You know you want it.


And if you want to print this one out – there is a full size image here – http://thaumaturgical.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Certificate_of_De-Baptism.jpg



Flying Spaghetti Monster


Sounds about right – no wonder they haven’t contacted us


Now I know why many conservative Christians don’t believe in climate change




Religion is all about the silly hats