Anti-abortion protesters get a taste of their own medicine. And it hurts! Awwww…….


North Dakota only has one facility left that performs abortions in the entire state. Outside that clinic, Fargo’s Red River Women’s Clinic, plenty of anti-choice zealots can be found regularly protesting and intimidating women who come in to have abortions and other health services performed.

It seems they’ve finally met their match in the form of a counter-protester who has been busily mocking them with a number signs bearing slogans such as “Hail Satan.”

Not surprisingly, he protesters aren’t a big fan of the man, who goes by the name of Nik Severson. They say that Severson causes them to feel “uneasy” because he won’t allow them to continue to intimidate the women going into Red River Women’s clinic in peace. Severson told local station WDAY of his efforts:

“It’s a hard decision for these women to make this decision. And they don’t need any more hateful messages. There’s pictures of dead baby fetuses out here and — it’s just a circus out here.”


The pro-lifers have threatened Severson, but he plans to keep doing what he’s doing, saying:

“I do the same thing that they’re doing to these ladies.”

The Red River Women’s Clinic loves Severson’s antics, and they posted to Facebook, citing the WDAY story:

“Guess what, friends? The beauty of the first amendment means that you get to stand in public and say what you want to say, as long as you don’t threaten anyone. Apparently, the protestors don’t like it when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine. They call the police. Who can’t do anything. Because, AMERICA.”

What’s even better is that one of the protesters, Bartholomew Schumacher, insists that he is just trying to protect the innocent:

“He just wouldn’t engage. He just kept saying we’re oppressive white men who want to control women’s lives and stuff. I don’t want that. I just want protection of the innocent.”

Schumacher’s idea of “innocent” doesn’t stretch to rape victims, seeing how he was convictedof beating and raping a family member at knifepoint. He reportedly tied her up and threatened her for more than two hours.

[Jezebel] Featured image via WDAY via – deadstate