Awesome Celebrities With Photoshopped Tattoos

Visual artist and Photoshop wizard Cheyenne Randall is the man behind these illusionary images of celebrities covered in tattoos.

His series on-going series titled ‘Shopped Tattoos‘ features instantly recognisable celebrities. His latest works include the likes of James Franco, Christina Ricci, Bruce Lee and Bill Murray to classic beauties Sofia Loren and Liz Taylor.

Each has undergone some extensive ink-work across their necks, arms or chest. Whilst many of the celebrities might have had the odd tattoo hidden here or there, few would ever have had work quite so extensive and that dreamed up by Randall.

Does seeing them covered in ink change your perspective or make you think differently about them? Does Marilyn Monroe still look like a Hollywood bombshell or could she perhaps pass rockabilly royalty instead?

Either way, Randall’s masterful digital manipulations really are a joy to behold, you’d be forgiven for thinking some of them were the real deal. via

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Don’t forget to check out his online store, where you can purchase prints of a select number of his designs.

Via Shopped Tattoos