14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas

We all pay so much attention to keeping the rest of our home beautiful, but when it comes to the bathroom, a pretty shower mat or curtain seems to be enough for most of us. But these 14 beautiful bath design ideas we found might inspire to change things up in your bathroom as well!

For most of us (especially those of us who are not religious), the bathroom is the closest we will get to having an everyday ritual space. We use it to purify and beautify ourselves and to perform other health-related rituals. So doesn’t it deserve the same sort of attention as a church, temple or shrine?

If you know of any cool ideas we might have missed, share them with us below!

Hammock-Like Bathtub

140 141

Designed by: Splinter Works

Ammonite Washbasin


Designed by: HighTech Design

Moss Rug

143 144

Designed by: Nguyen La Chanh

See-Through Bathtub


Designed by: Stern McCafferty | Image credits: hraggle

Patterned Sink


Designed by: omvivo

Ship Shower Curtains


Image credits: anthropologie.eu

Aquarium Sink


Image credits: opulentitems.com

Bicycle Sink


Designed by: Benjamin Bullins

Arctic Sink

150 151

Designed by: KO KO Architects

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

152 153

Image credits: Anthony Lindsey

Kub Basin

154 155

Designed by: Victor Vasilev

Glass Floor Bathroom


Image credits: Hernandez Silva

Glass Bath

157 158

Designed by: Kirill Myagkov

Amethyst Sink


Image credits: imgur.com