Your Eyes Aren’t Playing Tricks On You, This Beach IS Completely Red.

Do not adjust your computer monitors, the beach you are about to look it is actually as red as it appears to be. Aptly named Red Seabeach, this Liaoning, China landscape is covered in Sueda. The strangely-hued plant is a species of grass that turns from green to red in the fall months. You have to see it to believe just how vivid the color change is–and even then, you’ll probably want to make the trip to see it in person. It’s a popular tourist destination for a reason. If red grass isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d be interested in the over 260 different types of birds that call the wetlands home. Take a look!

Well, it’s certainly red.

That’s amazing!

With amazing views like that, I expected to see more people here.

There they are!

These wetlands boast over 260 different kinds of birds.

And nearly 400 types of wild animals.

The Red Seabeach is part of the biggest wetland in the world.

The red Sueda is one of the few species of grass that can grow in the highly alkaline soil of the area.

And grow it does!

What an amazing plant!

(via Where Cool Things Happen, BoredPanda)

Finally, a beach where my sunburned body won’t stick out like a sore thumb–or sore back, more accurately.

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