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A little link love for the atheist Internet. There is a growing number of atheist blogs, and – like myself – many of them feel that atheists are given short shrift – especially in the USA. Mind you – that has got to be better than being arrested for “blasphemy,” which is what happens in certain countries, like – for example – GREECE, for goodness’ sake – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/24/gerontas-pastitsios-pastafarian-facebook-greece-elder-paisios_n_1909511.html Apparently, blasphemy laws remain in place in Greece and come with a possible E3,000 fine and 2 years imprisonment. Should have never let them into the EU!

Still – on a positive note, atheism is growing in most educated countries, and certainly the Internet is providing a wonderful venue for those who are perhaps a little reticent in “coming out,” and this is a list of my favorite atheist websites and blogs. Having recently made a big list of atheist charities, I thought this would go well in order to perhaps foster the idea that atheists and not all negative. Certainly some of these guys are well respected writers with a positive contribution to make.

Atheist Nexus is a large (and growing) community of atheist bloggers and videographers, although they now call themselves “nontheists,” in order to try to “bridge the gap between the traditional atheist organizations and the millions of “newer” nonbelievers.”

The Friendly Atheist – over at Patheos – Hemant Mehta is a voice of reason amongst the religious, and a few other atheist bloggers. Always something constructive here.

The Atheist Revolution – not so friendly here, but entertaining stuff nonetheless.

LOL Theists – got to love this one and a great source of anti-theist funnies, much like my own collection of anti religion photos – yes, that is a lot of photos. 😀 Tagline is  – “They’re your beliefs, I’m surprised you don’t laugh at them too.”

Celebrity Atheist List – not a blog as such, but a great list of famous atheists.

There are hundreds more and as time goes by, I will add to this list. Any other atheist bloggers out there, drop me a line and I will add yours to the list.