The Bible Teaches Fear not Love

Many Christian apologists attempt to deceive us that when the bible speaks of “fear” it means something else. This is a blatant lie. Let us put things in “context” shall we.?

1. God Kills Everyone Except Noah and His Family

noahs ark

Fear means Fear

The Bible is fear based and a fear based belief system is dangerous, because of how easy it is to manipulate populations that are afraid. Many Christian apologists attempt to deceive us that when the bible speaks of “fear” it means something else.

According to The Sermon notebook, an online resource for preachers and teachers of the word of god:

“In our modern vernacular, the word fear, in the context in which it is used by Solomon, has been replaced with reverence, awe, great respect. What the writer of this book is saying is that we are to have a deep reverence and respect for the Lord. Literally, we are to be awed and humbled by His presence.”

But – let’s take that properly “in context,” shall we? Ignoring the fact that Solomon is not the only biblical figure to use the word fear, the bible instructs us to fear the LORD on numerous occasions and continually extols the value of fearing the LORD. In context, we have just learned that the LORD murdered every living person on the planet except Noah and his family, and when he is angry with you, is likely to strike you down on the spot without warning as he did to Uzzah who accidentally broke the rules by reaching out to steady the ark of the covenant. (2 Samuel 6:3-7) Or turn you into a pillar of salt if you disobey the LORD and look back. (Genesis 19:26).

Fear ye not me? saith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence? (Jeremiah 5:22)

2. Uzzah Gets What is Coming

Uzzah gets to experience God's Love up close and personal

Uzzah gets to experience God’s Love up close and personal

3. Lots Wife Gets It

Lots wife gets a taste of the Love of The Lord as she is turned into a pillar of salt for looking back

Lots wife gets a taste of the Love of The Lord as she is turned into a pillar of salt for looking back

Fear The Lord Or Else

I think it is reasonable to think that when the bible says to fear the LORD, you better start trembling and quaking in your boots with terror, not being humbly respectful. And – anyone who teaches that you should not actually fear the LORD is doing you a great disservice.

Seriously – how is it possible to read the bible and think fear means anything other than fear?This goes back to one of my original arguments: i.e. that the Bible teaches intellectual dishonesty instead of critical thinking skills. I can only come to the conclusion that the people claiming that fear doesn’t actually mean fear are those who are promoting the idea that Christianity is all about love and acceptance. The actual fact is that this is untrue. I don’t honestly see how it is possible to read the Bible and come to the conclusion that it’s all about love and acceptance, with one exception apparently. One appears to need to be a believer under the delusion that the Bible preaches love. I’m not going to bother quoting how often the Bible instructs you to fear the Lord, but I suspect that it is somewhere in the hundreds.

Jesus Tells you Why to Fear The Lord

Apparently, the Son of God made it clear why to fear the LORD also, so none of that “Oh, but that was in the Old Testament,” nonsense thank you Mr. Christian Apologist……

He made no bones about why you need to fear the LORD:

But I will forewarn you whom you shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him. (Luke 12)

There it is: simple, plain and easy to understand. You don’t need to fear any man but you – sure as eggs is eggs – need to fear the Lord because he can throw you into hell for all eternity.

Hell is waiting for those who don't fear enough......

Hell is waiting for those who don’t fear enough……

With the best will in the world, I also don’t see how fear means anything other than fear. Yes – there are many references to the benefits of fearing the Lord, and realistically, why would you worry about anything else when the Lord can throw you into hell for all eternity? If I was a believer, and I genuinely thought that there was a God who would throw me into hell for eternity I’m fairly sure I would fear him. But it is hard to reconcile this with the constant claims of Christian apologists that this religion is all about love. If it is love, it’s a special kind of tough, I don’t care how much this hurts, it’s for your own good, sort of love. Which, if one looks back through the history of Christianity, this is the sort of love we see.

Here are a couple of good examples of the sort of tough Christian love that we used to see a lot of, but is now becoming politically incorrect. At least in the Western world. Taking aboriginal babies away from their birth parents to be bought up in a good Christian homes or missionary dorms is simply no longer acceptable, and the Australian government, as recently as 1969, made it illegal.

Definition of fear:

An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Oxford dictionaries definition.