Big Brother Is Watching – Google Highlights Most Popular Entertainment On the Internet 2014


The year is coming to an end and Google posted a roundup of songs, films, games, and apps that topped the chart lists in 2014. Unlike previous years when the company would simply highlight them in a special blogpost, this time Google took the effort and put together a neat infographic that you can see below.

Not only does the infographic highlight entertainment that people were crazy about during the last twelve months, but also tells you which was the fastest growing app category, who was the most searched actor on Google, and which articles had the widest appeal among Newsstand readers.

If 2014 has been an extremely busy year for you, the infographic will easily help you catch up on all the entertainment stuff that you might have missed out on. Should you rather see a list with direct links to highlighted items, you can find it on Google’s Android blog. via