Bill Nye explains evolution with emojis for the 42% of Americans who still don’t believe in it

According to an incredibly depressing study released this past April, about 42% of Americans don’t believe in evolution or the process of natural selection. 24% are somewhat sure that it’s real, and only 31% of the people in this country are sure that it happened. Quick, someone make a t-shirt that says “We are the 31%!”

How? Why? Well, there are two explanations really. Either these people are deeply religious, deeply stupid or both. Perhaps the Theory of Evolution that we all learned in elementary school is just too complex for them to understand. Luckily, Bill Nye is here to explain evolution and the process of natural selection with something theycan understand–emojis!

Nye has been going on a bit of a PR tour on behalf of evolution lately, as a result of his concern that children raised believing in creationism “will not be able to participate in the future.” Which is a very scary thought.

While we don’t have the same urgency around teaching kids science that we did during the Cold War, it’s still kind of important that we have doctors and scientists and people who understand biology. I feel like it’s a little dangerous for only 31% of the population to believe in science, in terms of the future development of our country. I mean, I’d like to say “Everyone believe what you want, it’s harmless anyway, and if it makes you feel good, then fine”–but it’s not harmless. It means that the more pervasive this belief becomes, the fewer scientists and doctors we are raising, and that is actually pretty scary.
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