Cereals Only Restaurant Opens in London

bar-a-cereales-londres-cereal-killer-cafe-1A restaurant selling over 120 types of cereals (AND FUCK ALL ELSE!)  has opened in London. They have already come in for some flak for selling bowls of cereal for 3 pounds a go in what is one of London’s poorest areas, but I say good luck to them. If they can find enough people daft enough to pay that much money for a bowl of sugar and chemicals – fair play. Having said that, I give them six months max lolbar-a-cereales-londres-cereal-killer-cafe-3 bar-a-cereales-londres-cereal-killer-cafe-5 bar-a-cereales-londres-cereal-killer-cafe-2 bar-a-cereales-londres-cereal-killer-cafe-4

And if you are interested in buying a bowl of sugar for three pounds you can find them here – http://cerealkillercafe.co.uk/