Choosing a Martin Guitar

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Eric Clapton on Martin Guitars

Arguably the best acoustic guitar on the market, the Martin Guitars story began with its founder, Christian Frederick Martin Sr., on January 31, 1976, in Markneukirchen, Germany. Christian came from many generations of cabinetmakers, a skill he also learned, however, at the age of 15 he left for Vienna to apprentice with a renowned guitar maker, Johann Stauffer.

Because of his apprenticeship with Stauffer and his natural skills with wood, Christian became a skilled luthier, and thus the founded Martin Guitar Company. Over the last fifty years, the Company has continuously produced acoustic guitars known to be some of the finest in the world. A family run business, generation after generation has remained dedicated to the design, quality and manufacture of guitars.

Over time, the company has successfully adapted to continuous changes in product designs, methods of distribution and manufacturing technologies while maintaining the quality of its guitars.

There are many items to take into consideration when choosing your very own Martin Guitar. The right size, tone, wood, neck width and shape, and bracing patterns are important features to consider. Only the best wood materials are used for Martin guitars and include Brazilian Rosewood, Figured Mahogany, Figured Claro Walnut, or Quilted Maple just to name a few. Each type of wood brings its own form of beauty, quality and sound to your guitar.

The Brazilian Rosewood offers a highly resonant, deep base and brilliant treble. This is a very rare and expensive wood but is available for limited edition and custom-made guitars. Figured Mahogany is a rare but beautiful wood. It is difficult to find but it has the same tone as the more commonly found unfigured mahogany.

A Figured Claro Walnut wood brings an excellent balance and characteristics for tone equal to that of the Rosewood and Mahogany family of woods. With the production of each guitar, the wood, inlays and trims are designed and detailed to make each guitar unique in its own way. Even a beginner to guitar playing can recognize the difference between a Martin Company Guitar and that of other manufacturers.

Martin Company Guitars are well known for their distinctive sound. Over time, this fine company has developed and designed their guitars to meet the needs of their customers in order to create a guitar that offers consistent playability and clean sound for the life of the guitar. The structure and integrity created by Christian Martin, Sr., over fifty years ago, continues to, and will live on for future generations of guitar players to come.