This Circular Piano Is Insane! And You Only Need Two Hands To Play It

Lady Gaga is known for some pretty outrageous outfits and stunts, but it seems like her band enjoys thinking outside the box as much as she does!

Wanting to stand out from other keyboardists, Lady Gaga’s resident key-player, Brockett Parsons, has invented a 360-degree keyboard that seems like something from the future, with 294 keys made of three normal keyboards in a row. As Parsons himself says, “Why do guitarists get to have all the fun?”

Thanks to a team of designers, this Arc Piano measures six feet in diameter, is capable of tilting, and Parsons hopes that besides just looking great, the 360-degree rotation provides some interesting performance opportunities to definitely add some “flair” to a live concert.His company is now taking custom orders and price quotes are available on their website.

Scroll down for some amazing photos of Arc Piano, and check out the amazing video below where Parson gives some entrancing demonstrations of his cool new instrument. Source

pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons-2 pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons-1-600x399 pianoarc-360-keyboard-by-brockett-parsons-3-600x399 brockett_castle_600w-300x200

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