84-Year-Old Grandpa Welds a Death Star Fire Pit for Christmas


That’s no moon… it’s a fire pit. For Christmas this year, Redditor Jennifer Allison (aka Bandia5309) got a gift that would warm the heart of any Star Wars fan. Her 84-year-old grandpa, Kenneth, took the round ends off a propane tank, connected them to form a sphere and cut out just the right bits to turn it into a very toasty version of the Death Star… including that pesky ventilation shaft.

Apparently this very cool grandpa doesn’t know much about Star Wars, or exactly how awesome it is, but when Jennifer asked if he could make a Death Star, he popped it together like it was nothing. The Force is strong with this one…

Demand has been so high after this hit Reddit, they’ve now popped together a Etsy store where you can get your own. via

Death-Star-Fire-Pit-5-730x975 Death-Star-Fire-Pit-3-730x547 Death-Star-Fire-Pit-2-730x547 Death-Star-Fire-Pit-4-730x547