A 6-year-old’s adorable dollhouse party

When Tati turned 6, her doting parents and grandparents made her little girl’s dream come true: they gave her her own life-size dollhouse. Check out the ultra-adorable photos!

The invite was no ordinary one. It was a paper dollhouse invitation with a vintage-style paper doll inside with party details printed on the back.


Pink and purple paper lanterns added bursts of color to the garden set-up.


The party’s main attraction: a life-sized dollhouse! Built on the birthday girl’s own backyard garden, Tati and a handful of her classmates and friends, enjoyed an afternoon of music, dance, song, and, of course, tea in her own dollhouse!


The well-equipped dollhouse served as the ideal playground for the celebrant and her little guests.22

Little girls in their dainty dresses had some tea in the garden.


Brownies were served as pretty little cushions on mini acrylic chairs on the dessert cart.24

Doll cookies matched the dollhouse theme perfectly.


The cupcakes had a little house of their own on the dessert table.


The dollhouse cake had intricate 3D details of each room.


Each adult table had a cute centerpiece of little paper dresses hanging on a clothesline.28

Each little girl took home an adorable dollhouse-inspired giveaway basket (designed by Great Ideas) filled with goodies. 29