Top 5 Most Expensive Basketball Sneakers of All Time

When it comes to basketball and sneakers, there exists a culture that not many can understand.

Spending hundreds or even thousands on basketball shoes can seem like a sin to some, but for others, it is a lifestyle that brings timeless joy.

Collectors and basketball players are always on the hunt for the hottest sneakers, and today we give you the top 5 most expensive sneakers of all time, with a majority going to Air Jordan’s of course…

1. Adidas KB8 Selection – $3000


Designed for Kobe Bryant, the KB8 shoes were never worn by the NBA All-Star, but they still go for upwards of 3K for an OG 1998 pair.

2. Air Jordan III – $4500


The first shoe to feature the iconic Jumpman logo, originals of these can sell upwards of $4500!

3. Nike Air Mag – $7000


If you’ve seen Back to the Future, then you can spot these from a mile away. Only 20 pairs were made back in 1989, and OGs of this futuristic design can sell upwards of $7000.

4. Air Jordan V – $10000


Inspired by a WW2 Mustang fighter plane, these classy kicks were the first to feature a clear sole and a reflective tongue. An OG pair with Michael Jordan’s number “23” can be had for upwards of $10K.

5. Air Jordan I – $25000


Kicking off one of the greatest sneaker brands of all time, the Air Jordan I was the launching pad for Michael Jordan’s legacy. An original black and gold pair will cost upwards of $25K, if you can even find it…