5 Reasons You Should Take a Family Trip to Iceland

I never really had Iceland on my bucket list. Not because it didn’t seem beautiful, but because there are about a million other places I also want to see. Since I didn’t know too much about it, taking my family to Iceland didn’t seem like the most obvious destination. Then my assistant told me about her amazing trip and I was hooked. Iceland is pretty much an entire history, geography, and life lesson in the making.

Check out the five reasons you should take a family trip to Iceland …


Get Up Close to the Animals

On a trip to Iceland you can get up close and personal to the beautiful Icelandic horses. See them as you drive through the country or consider booking a family ride on the beach. In the town of Vik you can head to the top of the cliffs to see puffins flying by. It’s not every day you get to spot these beautiful creatures. If getting out the ocean is more your style, head out for a whale watching tour. 72

See History in the Making

Iceland is full of history, dating way back to the Ice Age. Head to the glaciers at Jokulsarlon to see the incredible, natural ice sculptures drifting in the sea. Here, you can also see icebergs that have washed up to shore on the black sand beaches. As you make your way around the country you can learn about the people that first settled in Iceland and see how they created their own shelter to survive in these conditions. 73

Learn About the Power of Nature

This country is literally bustling with geological activity. Check out the Godafoss Waterfall to see one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. Walk along the rim of dormant volcanoes and see steam coming straight from cracks in the earth.

During the fall and winter, don’t forget to look up to see the majestic Northern Lights. It is one thing to learn about these geological wonders in books, but it’s a whole other experience to see them right up close. 74

Embrace New Cultures

When you’re driving from town to town, make sure to stop by local museums, shops, and restaurants. Take your time to ask the locals about the folklore behind the area. Learn about Icelandic traditions that have been past down through out the years. (Did I mention that they believe in elves?) You might quickly find that the Iceland culture is unlike any other. 75

Take Time to Relax
 One of the best parts about Iceland is that it is quiet, safe, and very peaceful. You won’t see streets littered with billboards and advertisements here. Enjoy this relaxing time to bond as a family. Hop into the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs on a chilly afternoon or walk along the serene beaches. Let the kids get out their energy by racing through meadows or climbing on old lava rocks.