The Scariest Food and Drink World Records

Records are meant to be made and broken. Some records are amazing while some are downright absurd. Check out these odd records in the world of food and drink.

Most ‘ghost chillis’ eaten in two minutes:

The Bhut Jolokia pepper, better known as the ‘ghost chilli’ is one of the hottest chillis in the world, coming in at just over one million on the Scoville scale for chilli heat; 200 times more spicy than a jalapeño pepper.  Most people can’t even manage one of these deadly peppers without diving for a glass of water, but Indian woman Anandita Dutta Tamuly managed to eat an astounding 51 of them in two minutes. As if that wasn’t crazy enough already, she bizarrely ‘celebrated’ by rubbing the seeds of the chilli into her eyes when she had completed the challenge.


Biggest gingerbread house:

With a confectionary construction effort that would put the witch from Hansel and Gretel to shame, Roger Pelcher entered the record books by building the largest gingerbread house the world has ever seen. The house, which should probably be described as more of a mansion, is 20 metres (67 feet) tall and took Roger and his team nine days to build.


Largest burger:

The title of World’s Largest Burger is a frequently broken one that has been held all around the world, but at the time of writing the holders are ‘Juicys’, an outdoor food specialist who set the record at Alameda County Fair in California. This beast of a burger weighed in at a staggering 352kg (777 pounds) and had to be moved around with a fork lift truck. At 1,375,000 calories, an adult man could get his recommended daily calorie intake from this cow-sized burger for nearly a year and a half.


Fattest town:

The town of Huntington in West Virginia holds the rather unfortunate title of being the most overweight town in the USA, which itself is one of the fattest countries in the world. Strangely, the town’s 105kg (233 pounds) ex-mayor said that the health of Huntington’s residents is an issue that “doesn’t really come up.” It probably should though, considering over half of the town’s population are clinically obese, and they lead the way in national rates of heart disease and diabetes.


Largest bowl of cereal:

Breakfast cereal company Kellogg’s set the world record for largest bowl of cereal by creating a mammoth 2.5 metre (eight feet) wide bowl and filling it with over a tonne of cornflakes and milk. Apparently this was to raise awareness of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, although they may have gone slightly over the top by creating a bowl of cornflakes so huge that you could easily swim around in it.


Fastest ice cream eating:

Peter Dowdeswell does not mess around when it comes to eating and drinking world records, with around 350 of them to his name. Perhaps the most impressive of all those records is the insane feat of eating 5.45kg (12 pounds) of ice cream in only 45 seconds. Wondering how he managed that without the world’s most severe case of brain freeze? The ice cream was ‘partly thawed’ meaning this record probably blurred the lines between eating and drinking.


Largest cup of coffee:

We’ve all relied on a cup of coffee to give us a much needed kick start in the morning, but drink the contents of this mammoth mug and you’d be wide awake for the foreseeable future. Made in Puerto Rico to promote the country’s coffee industry, the cup held over 10,000 litres (2,750 gallons) of the hot stuff, enough to serve 50,000 people.


Fastest syrup drinker:

Speed drinking is one thing, but surely something like syrup is too thick to consume quickly? Apparently not. Ohio resident Dan Petty drank a 700ml (24 oz) bottle of syrup in 11.24 seconds, smashing the previous record by almost 10 seconds and probably feeling pretty queasy in the process.


Tallest stack of pancakes:

The staff of the UK based ‘Food Network’ TV channel broke the world record for tallest pancake stack by just 3 inches (7cm) when they built a tower that reached 32 inches (81cm) tall. The huge stack was made with over 250 eggs and 26 pints of milk, resulting in 725 individual pancakes. That must have taken a lot of syrup to cover – hopefully they didn’t invite Dan Petty…


Most Hostess Cupcakes eaten in a lifetime:

You’d think if someone ate something literally every day of their life they’d eventually get sick of it, but that is definitely not the case for Florida resident Suzanne Rutland. She claims to have eaten four Hostess Cupcakes every day of her life since she was a child, which by her estimates adds up to over 50,000 of the cream filled cakes in her lifetime. Strangely Suzanne isn’t even overweight, despite those four Cupcakes alone adding up to 720 calories every day.