Fox News priest demands government ban Satanic masses ‘in the name of free speech’


Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on Sunday called for officials in Oklahoma City to shut down a Satanic black mass because he said worshippers were “inciting violence” by mocking Christians.

Satanic mass organizer Adam Daniels insisted lass week that the event being held at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on Sunday was not a stunt, and would follow all state laws.

“This is not a game. It’s very serious to us,” he told Tulsa World.

But in a segment titled “The Fight For Faith” on Sunday, Morris explained to the hosts of Fox & Friendsthat he felt “bad” for anyone who participated in the event.

“You get yourself into something that is, first of all, satanic, that is supernatural,” he said. “They believe that as soon as you connect yourself with evil, evil stuff happens. I feel very bad for them.”

Morris acknowledged that Satanists had a “political right” to worship, but he said that the city also had a “responsibility to defend the good governance of its people.”

“Anybody who walks into a crowded theater and yells ‘Fire!’” he continued. “Do they have a right to do it? Yes. Free speech? No! Why? Because you’re inciting violence.”

“When you have a group that does this, not just because they want to do their own little worship, but they are provoking anger and hatred among the community, the city can step in and say, ‘That’s not worship, that’s not free speech, that’s mockery, and you’re inciting violence!’”

Fox News host Clayton Morris pointed out that Oklahoma City had already determined that the Satanists had a free speech right to use the Civic Center.

“But what if I want to go and desecrate a Koran out in front of my church?” Father Morris asked. “What if I want to speak pro-Nazi stuff right in front of my church and get people all fired up on a public sidewalk? I think at some point government has to step in the name of free speech.” Source

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