Giant Frozen Gummy Bear Get Blasted With A Shotgun And It Is Very Funny But Scary

Blasting things into smithereens with a shotgun is fun, so long as the thing getting blasted isn’t a living thing. What about a living dead thing? Well, that might be fun to blast with a shotgun someday but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For the time being the stuff that we blast with shotguns should be limited to stuff that makes a strong visual impact, stuff that looks good on camera as it splatters in that split second when the slug hits.

The mayhem mavens at Carsandwater made this somewhat creepy video that stars a fun, and very visually appealing, target- a giant frozen gummy bear.

The lack of dialog makes it feel like you’re watching a Candyland snuff film, but no living gummy bears were harmed in the making of the video so don’t feel bad about watching, and enjoying, the science of destruction. -Via Boing Boing via neatorama