Guy photobombs stock photos to perfection

Matt Vescovo AKA the stock photo bomber is a Art Director, not a bad gig if you can get it. In his free time though he puts his powers to better uses; trolling the hell out of some stock photos.original-12297-1421580341-5 original-18807-1421580699-3 tumblr_mwh7bpbjpu1sk1ncfo3_r1_1280 original-15051-1421581318-11 enhanced-buzz-wide-13802-1421579944-9 original-2454-1421581737-14 original-5790-1421580392-3 original-18791-1421580586-3 original-18850-1421580823-3 original-8314-1421581819-8 original-8462-1421580196-17 tumblr_njoajiyzpw1sk1ncfo1_12801 enhanced-buzz-wide-8808-1421580096-7

You can follow his tumblr RIGHT HERE..