In Honor Of Tank Girl’s 20th Anniversary – The Sexiest Tank Girl CosPlayers


Next Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of the theatrical release of Tank Girl, which may not seem like a big deal to some, but that movie was the bomb to me when I was a little girl and comic book movies starring women were usually a non-existent or overly condescending, tone-deaf affair. To make things even better, a new Tank Girl comic is on the way.

Considering all that, we’re doing an all-Tank Girl edition of our cosplay of the week, and we’ll have more coming on the movie’s anniversary as well. Special thanks to V Threepio, Phoenix Comicon, and Howie Muzika for several of these pictures. via

cosplay-tank-girl-08b cosplay-tank-girl-27a cosplay-tank-girl-39 cosplay-tank-girl-43 cosplay-tank-girl-34a cosplay-tank-girl-17 cosplay-tank-girl-12 cosplay-tank-girl-24a cosplay-tank-girl-21 cosplay-tank-girl-20c cosplay-tank-girl-10 cosplay-tank-girl-28a cosplay-tank-girl-33 cosplay-tank-girl-23 cosplay-tank-girl-11 cosplay-tankgirl-06 cosplay-tank-girl-26a cosplay-tank-girl-38 cosplay-tankgirl-051