International Blasphemy Day

Obnoxious atheists arise! September 30th is International Blasphemy Day. I am inclined to remember my school years experiences when I look at the furor created by some idiotic Christianist, anti-Muslim in bumfuck nowhere, USA who apparently produced some crappy YouTube video defaming the Muslim Invisible Prophet. Sadly this ended in the unnecessary death of US ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other US citizens.

When I recall my schoolyard days – one thing you could never, never, and I mean never, never fucking do is show anyone your weak spot. These idiotic Muslimist fanatics might as well have send a personal email to everyone on the planet asking them to produce offensive anti-muslim material, because now we know the best way to rile up a Muslim is to make fun of Islam. Cue multiple anti-muslim YouTube films. And – International Blasphemy Day.

September 30 is International Blasphemy day


I of course am a non-denominational anti-religionist. I don’t care whioch invisible Super Being you follow – all the same to me.

Having said that – the whole thing pisses me off and reminds me of why I am anti-religion. Who the hell thought stirring up a bunch of Muslim nutcases was a good idea and what are these guys doing murdering innocent bystanders because of a crappy YouTube video? All this does is reinforces my opinion that religion rots your brain.

But this whole thing raises a lot of questions.

What are these guys doing with access to the Internet and expecting the entire fucking world to do as they please?

Seriously–just imagine if you went back 3 or 400 years and gave the Christian peasantry of the day computers, showed them how to work them, and allowed them to view the anti-Christian  “blasphemy” the goes on on the Internet? Do you think they would have reacted exactly the way the Muslim peasantry in the Middle East has just  reacted? I would say almost certainly. They would have rampaged across Europe and the United States murdering anyone who refused to bow down and accept Jesus Christ as their  personal savior.

Now, normally, I am absolutely not in favor of censoring the Internet, but one has to question  the wisdom of giving what is essentially a Bronze Age population access to the Internet. The Christian majority in Europe has, over the last few hundred years, slowly being forced to accept the fact that their religion is no longer the most powerful group in town, and they are not able to just  murder people for blasphemy the way they used to be able to.

 Can “free speech” go too far?

I don’t think so, but I’ve seen a number of people question whether or not laws should be introduced to prevent this sort of action that precipitated this in the 1st place. I personally do not like the idea of censoring people’s ability to make fun of religion. If we’re not careful and I am directing this at the fucking moron who started this with the video–we could find more ridiculous laws being put into place preventing us from expressing ourselves freely on the Internet.

What do you guys think? Should we limit Internet access in Middle Eastern countries until the population there has had an opportunity to be introduced to the 21st Century? Should we limit people’s ability to express themselves negatively where religion is concerned?

Honestly – the best we can hope from this is that this somehow helps drag these guys into this century. Both sides!



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