‘Jesus Versus Muhammad’ Video Continues To Cause Controversy And Violent Debate



What could get a heated and violent debate started better than a video titled ‘Jesus Versus Muhammad!! (Qur’an Challenge II)’? It’s amazing how this video seems to divide so many and bring out so much hate and intolerance in people today. Especially when you consider that the video was made just under two years ago.

Actually, YouTuber Steven Crowder began the heated debate six years ago when he released the video ‘The Qur’an Challenge’. In his classic skit style, Crowder gives a scathing review of the Qur’an. The challenge is to actually read the Qur’an and prove him wrong.

While this is not the only video Crowder has made regarding Islam, Crowder decided to take it a bit further with the ‘Jesus Versus Muhammad’ video. In this video he talks about the “thousands of threats” that he received due to the first challenge. To be fair to his opinion, in this video he does state:

“Now many people think it’s very unfair to compare the acts of Christians to the acts of Muslims, and I still agree, both groups often consist of hypocrites.”

He then goes on to express his interpretation of the differences between Jesus’ and Muhammad’s teachings. Complete with skits that portray both Jesus and Muhammad, the video continues to strike a nerve with people from all sides of the religious spectrum.

With so many colorful comments to choose from, I thought a few from each side would be in order. First up, the Islam naysayer’s hateful comments.

JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-12 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-10 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-9 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-8 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-7 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-3 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-2 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube-1 JESUS-VS.-MUHAMMAD-Qur-an-Challenge-II-YouTube

Given that this video was made nearly two years ago, judging by the thousands of comments like those above, it is as relevant today as ever in regards to the extreme opinions from all sides. Perhaps the saddest part is that there has to be sides in the first place.

In the end though, between the growing intolerance of Christian Extremists and the likes of ISIS and their barbaric, cowardly violence, this argument, hate, intolerance, and violence, doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. via