Life in 5-Second Pictograms


Created by Matteo Civaschi and Gianmarco Milesi from Milan-based design studio H-57, the book Life in Five Seconds takes 200 world events, inventions, great lives, movies, places, animals and cultural icons, and renders them in pictograms that cut away all the useless details.

Publisher Quercus Books has also enabled some pages to come to life through augmented reality. After downloading the QuercusEye app for Android and iOS you simply point your device’s camera at the page and the pictographs will become animated through screen (see demo at bottom of post).

Life in Five Seconds is available on Amazon for around $11. After checking out the few teasers below taken from the book’s Facebook page, you sure will want one.

life-and-movies-in-pictograms_9 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_4 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_14 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_10 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_12 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_13 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_11 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_1 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_8 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_3 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_6 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_5 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_2 life-and-movies-in-pictograms_7