How Many Japanese Maids Does it Take to Make One Pancake?


Japan loves maids and pancakes so would a commercial featuring both be considered “killing two birds with one stone”? In a commercial for Flavor Stone non-stick cookware 100 “sizzling Japanese maids” perform an acrobatic relay of a single pancake for their patron’s breakfast. While it is doubtful if a pancake cooked in such an extravagant manner actually tastes better, anyone who has been to maid cafe will understand that the service is what keeps them coming back, not necessarily the food.

Despite featuring former national gymnasts, street performers, members of the maid cafe franchisemaidreamin, idol groups Chu-Z and amorecarina and a full production crew filming in a luxurious mansion, the cookware set is not only for those with Bruce Wayne-sized bank accounts. Sold as one of those “As Seen on TV” products, you can get your own set of Flavor Stone pots and pans just as easily as you can order a BeDazzler or George Foreman Grill. We only wish that all commercials for products you can buy off of TV were even 1/100th as awesome as this one!

Check out the “making of” video and special site below! Good job!

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