Mother Of Two Makes Cute Japanese-Inspired Lunches For Her Kids

Just when we collected a list of cute Japanese bento-inspired dishes, a creative cook that we happened to miss has been revealed. Li Ming, a mother of two in Singapore, creates adorable character bento (or kyaraben) lunches and dinners for her children.

Sometimes Ming comes up with her own ideas, but she also takes requests from her two sons – Ivan Tey, 10, and Lucas Tey, 7. Together, they’ve all come up with brilliant bento lunch ideas – from Hello Kitty and Spiderman to Spongebob and Super Mario.

Li Ming publishes many of her lunches on her Flickr, but keeps some of them secret in anticipation for her upcoming book. Be sure to follow her for more cute and delicious lunch ideas!

More info: Flickr (h/t: dailymail)

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