No Wonder Hollywood Sucks! Upcoming Movies Based On Video Games

Hollywood has produced tons of stellar adaptations. “The Godfather” was translated beautifully from Mario Puzo’s novel. “Driving Miss Daisy” hit no speedbumps in its move from stage to screen. “The Avengers” turned the comic-book series into a pop-culture juggernaut.

When it comes to games, though, film studios have yet to find the magic formula. That hasn’t stopped them from trying. Here are 9 upcoming films that are based on games.


Tetris. Having produced the “Mortal Kombat” films in the 1990s, Threshold Entertainment knows a thing or two about movies based on games. This one is a head-scratcher, though. The company envisions this 30-year-old puzzle game as an “epic sci-fi story,” which is interesting since Tetris is neither sci-fi nor epic. Since the film was only announced last week, it has no cast, director, or producer yet, so for now, we’ll remain puzzled.


Candy Land. Adam Sandler is set to star in this adaptation of the tasty kid’s board game, but it’s currently stuck in Sticky Lawsuit Swamp. Landmark Entertainment Group claims it came up with characters like King Kandy and Princess Lolly and in turn has sued Hasbro, saying the company didn’t have the rights to license the game to Sony. Sandler and Robert Smigel (who also cut his teeth at Saturday Night Live) were last said to be working on the screenplay, with Kevin (Enchanted) Lima set to direct. (Image credit: Flickr user Mimi Mia)


Angry Birds. Angry Birds might not be topping the iOS charts, but Rovio is moving forward with its plans for an animated feature on its most popular franchise. It’s got plenty of star power: Jason Sudeikis will lead the cast as Red, joined by Danny McBride, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Peter Dinklage as The Mighty Eagle.


World of Warcraft. Duncan Jones has a hot hand with cult classics. But can the man behind Moon and Source Code bring that magic to “World of Warcraft”? We’ll find out in 2016, when the film based on the MMO hits theaters. Plot details are scarce, but the early assumption that it would focus on the conflict between Orc and Human factions seems to be mistaken, as filmmakers feared it would be too similar to the “Lord of the Rings” films.


Minecraft. Will Microsoft’s purchase of the popular game derail the film? That’s up in the air, but as recently as this February, Warner Bros. was reportedly working on a live-action “Minecraft” film with Roy Lee (producer of The Lego Movie) and Jill Messick as producers. No word on casting for the Creepers.


Temple Run. Potent producer David Heyman (“Harry Potter,” “Gravity”) has signed on make a movie based on this mobile hit. The plot revolves around an explorer who finds himself on the run from perturbed temple dwellers after stealing an idol. Think the first 10 minutes of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” only 90 minutes long.


Hungry Hungry Hippos. Once “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” hit it big at the box office, Hasbro put most of its catalog up for bids. Emmett/Furla apparently saw something in the marble-gobbling mammals, and announced plans to make it into an animated feature for children. That announcement came two years ago, but since then, the studio hasn’t talked about it further. Those poor hippos must be starving. (Credit: Flickr user CarbonNYC)


Mass Effect. The head of Legendary Pictures, which is overseeing the cinematic transformation of this beloved series, has vowed not to “screw up Commander Shepard.” That’s apparently taking some time, as the first version was thrown out. Producer Avi Arad hinted that it could be as late as 2019 before the film hits theaters. Hope the ending’s good!


Ouija. It’s birthed one of the best marketing stuntsin a while, but a film based on a board game based on communicating with ghosts could veer quickly into a ridiculous mess. Produced by Hasbro, the upcoming film tells the story of a group who investigates the board when their friend is killed after recording herself playing. Stars Daren Kagasoff, Douglas Smith and Olivia Cooke will have their hands full convincing us it’s legit when the movie releases October 24.