Muslims Are Going INSANE Over What Aldi Just Did


Muslims loathe pork, so when the German supermarket chain Aldi accidentally sold them some snacks that in fact contained pork, it sent them into a fit of rage.

“This is absolutely outrageous, and I am deeply offended by this!” Muslim shopper Manahil Khan exclaimed to reporters.

He added, “I am pretty sure many others of the Muslim community are also very offended by this.”

The blame for this mistake lies with Punjab Pakora, the company that produced the snacks. It packaged the snacks as Halal and “safe for Muslim consumption,” even though the ingredient list on the packaging clearly revealed that the snacks contained “pork blood” and “pork skins.”

“The mistake happened when we did the print run, and unfortunately, our manager failed to spot this error and got approval for printing,” a Punjabi Pakora spokesman explained.

The good news is that even though it is not really at fault, Aldi has graciously decided to go ahead and offer refunds anyway to those Muslims who bought the £1.49 (about $2.31) snacks.

Unfortunately, this is not good enough for Muslim shoppers like Manahil Khan, who whined to reporters that Muslims do “not deserve to be misled by any sort of false claim of halal food or lies about what we consume.” (H/T Breitbart)

That Muslims are frustrated with this faux pas is understandable. To be fair, however, we wish that Muslims would display this same grade of rage whenever one of their radical peers commits a terrorist attack that winds up killing dozens of people.

It just seems like the Muslim community needs to rethink its priorities. What’s worse — accidentally buying food that contains pork, or sitting idly by as people kill, torture and maim in the name of your religion?