Breaking News! New Phone Launched That Will Make The World A Better Place!


Apple announce their latest iPhone iteration yesterday to amazement and awe that finally we will have the phone that changed the world. This ground breaking new device will simultaneously:

  • End world hunger
  • Stop international conflicts
  • Improve the environment
  • Stop climate change
  • Make everyone happy

In summary, the new iPhone is:

  • Slightly thinner than the last one
  • Slightly cooler than the last one
  • Slightly more expensive than the last one
  • Has slightly longer battery life than the last one
  •  Can get wet
  • Available with optional child un-friendly edible ear buds

We can hardly contain ourselves here in the office and will be preparing to drive 300 miles to the nearest Apple store to line up overnight t0 get one so we can be a part of changing the world. Or not………….