A sports car that has a top speed of 217.5 mph – equal to that of the McLaren P1, 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, gullwing doors, and a futuristic interior; what more could you ask of a sports car? Well, there’s more! It does not use any conventional fuel such as petrol or diesel. Instead it uses a revolutionary electrical drive where a very modern technology called flow-cell or flow battery technology is used. All it needs to run is salt water!


It runs on electric and there is very little noise. Of course those who want a supercar to sound like one with a bellowing roar signaling their passing are out of luck.

Let’s see how that works.

The Looks

At the first glance it comes as a low sleek supercar with a very aggressive nose. From the side the cockpit looks somewhat longer than most supercars. The gullwing doors when they open, look inordinately wide. You peer inside and are horrified by the blasphemy. It’s a four seater!

Then you realize that it is called Quant e-sportslimousine. So perhaps it may be acceptable.


It’s not quite a compact vehicle, longer than usual to accommodate four seats at 17. 3 inches, 7.2 feet wide and about 4.4 feet wide. It generates 980bhp that can gives this 5070 pounds vehicle an astonishing maximum speed and acceleration comparable to the Mclaren P1 in spite of the latter being lighter and smaller.

The interior is very futuristic and sumptuous with a full face interactive dash and an entertainment system which is Android controlled.

sport-car cool-sports-cars


The vehicle runs on 22″ alloy wheels clad with extremely low profile tires. Guess it needs them to propel the car through twists and turns at high speeds, as you can see from the video.

The Power Generation

As said earlier, this uses the new redox flow cell technology which is itself barely out of laboratory testing. This consists of two 200 liter tanks both containing salt water as electrolyte but in one tank it is negatively charged and in the other it is positively charged. Two pumps move this water through of a chamber which itself is divided by a membrane. When the liquids pass through the membrane, an electrical charge is produced. Thus we have a very powerful and efficient battery that is completely non-toxic.The charge is stored in super capacitors and distributed to four electric motors which produce a total of 912bhp. This gives the car a range of 370 miles before a refill is necessary.


Along with its spine tingling acceleration and astonishing speed, this car has great agility and the capacity to hug the corners at high speed. This has been made possible by using torque vectoring which is a technology that allows different amounts of torque to each wheel.

The Quant e-sportlimousine debuted at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March. In June it was officially approved by Munich tüv süd which makes this car suitable for driving on public roads.


So finally an electrically driven car with great performance, zero emission, and a lot more range than the normal electric cars. Unfortunately you cannot get it now as there is only one made and it is not for sale. This is more of a proof of concept.And Nano Flow cell A.G. a Swiss based firm who designed the drive says that they are planning to test the car over public roads in Europe, while gearing up for production. No price has yet been suggested, but estimates go up to £1.3 million or $2.1 million. Hopefully they will come out with less expensive models. After all, we would be quite satisfied with a car which has half the performance, which is quite enough for most of us! Don’t you think so? – Source