Really Bad Real Estate Photos

When Andy Donaldson was looking for a house in 2013, he couldn’t believe how awful some of the property pictures were, so much so that he decided to start a Tumblr account and collect pictures from around the world.

“I was constantly appalled by the quality of some of the images,” he said. “I stuck some onFacebook along with some snarky comments and it went down well with friends, so I started a blog.”

The site went viral that September and has had million visits to date, with the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia providing most of the visitors.

Donaldson, a senior digital manager, insisted all the photos are genuine and from real property sites, from South Africa to Kazakhstan. He added that among his biggest fans are estate agents themselves.

“Reaction from estate agents has been universally positive,” he said, “and many of them have featured the blog on their own sites as an illustration of how not to do it.”

And if they needed more proof, here you go…

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