Richard Dawkins The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

the greatest show on earthRichard Dawkins’ book, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” is aimed squarely at the evangelical American Creationist’s ridiculous arguments that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and evolution is a lie. And – like many of us, Dawkins is horrified to discover than a scarily large segment of the American population believes this – and they believe it for religious reasons.

Fortunately, the evidence for evolution is overwhelming and the proponents of “creationism,” are increasingly desperate to throw a shadow of doubt over the theory of evolution. There are in fact a number of these people who are prepared to argue that evolution is not a valid theory because it is “just a theory,” and there is “not enough proof,” for this theory. This is merely semantics – of course evolution is a theory, but it is a theory in the scientific sense in that it is the best explanation we currently have for how we came to be and it is supported by millions of pieces of data. If another theory presented itself that appeared more valid and had evidence that overwhelmed and dis-proved the theory of evolution, science would discard it (usual politics aside) immediately. But a god breathing life into a handful of dust 6,000 years ago? Bronze age myth – nothing more, nothing less and time we left it behind.

To then propose an alternative theory called “creationism,” which is supported by absolutely no facts in the real meaning of the term and argue that because, “absolute truth implies that truth cannot be subject to one’s own mind, but is rather established by an absolute and common Creator, therefore proving God’s existence. If there is no absolute truth, it cannot be absolutely held true that God does not exist.” Therefore there must have been a creator, and this creator was the creator in the bible rather than any of the other gods and not only that but also concoct a rather ridiculous supporting argument for dinosaurs being on Noah’s Ark……… The really entertaining thing is how many of them insist on “proof,” that god does not exist immediately after stating that they have only “internal” proof.

The best we could call that is embarrassing and quite honestly, these people are only taken seriously because of the damage they are allowed to do to their children by teaching this to them. Which is where Dawkins’ book, The Greatest Show on Earth. The Evidence for Evolution,” comes in. It is written in such a way as to appeal to children, so if you know a creationist with kids – do those kids a favor and buy them a copy of this book. And let’s face it – it would make an extremely appropriate Christmas present………

Dawkins – when he can stop himself from creationist-bashing – which I must admit is difficult at times – has a way with words that very vividly brings to life both his frustration at the willful ignorance of creationists and the obvious truth of the theory of evolution.

He does keep on claiming that evolution is a fact – and really he needs to be clear. There are numerous facts that prove evolution happens. The theory is a theory still and the choice of the religionists to (as usual) use semantics to attack this word should not mean we drop the term. It is a scientific theory – which is a completely different use of the word when compared to your Grandpa Irving’s theory of why Ford stopped making the best automobiles in 1977. As far as I am concerned, evolution proves god does not exist. At least the god of the bible etc.

Great book – well written and possibly his best work to date if you ignore the obvious frustration he feels at the deliberately obtuse religionists who are unable to see that the theory of evolution is a scientific theory based on measurable data – not a philosophy.