Stupidly Brilliant Science Questions That Will Make You REALLY Think.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. … Okay, maybe questions can be stupid. But there are also some stupid questions that are actually so awful, they make you think.

That seems to be the case with many of the queries posted on the sub-reddit r/shittyaskscience. If the questions don’t have you thinking in a way you never thought you would, they’ll at least have you laughing. It’s amazing to see what kind of things people have floating around in their heads. Check them out!

1.) It sort of sounds like baking might be this person’s specialty.

2.) It’s never safe to do that. You always have to be on the lookout for dropping beats.

3.) Russia seems down to give it a whirl.

4.) Oh, baby. … WAIT A SECOND.

5.) MINE your own business.

6.) Someone doesn’t know about weekday mass. Lucky!

7.) Let’s talk about the 328.5E21 kg planet in the room.

8.) Be right back. Going to Rio to do some research.

9.) Those exchange rates always get me all confused.

10.) Woof.

11.) Hey, those aren’t cheap!

12.) Coming soon: Laces by Dr. Dre.

13.) It probably just feels like chillin’.

14.) Kelvin!

15.) Woah, too many thoughts required for this.

16.) Imagine how much money you’d get out of that doctor if those peepers did what they’re supposed to.

17.) I’ve never seen a stressed out fish.

18.) That’s a slippery slope.

19.) Iron supplement?

20.) Not without getting all prune-y.

21.) Seems like a great place to crash.

22.) What’s the word I’m looking for?

23.) No one should have to deal with heartburn while they trip.

24.) LOL… but seriously, being bipolar is serious stuff.

25.) Whoa, this toasted my brain.

(via Reddit)

I almost feel dumber for having read that, but I seriously did have to think about some of those. (Okay, maybe there ARE really, really stupid questions.) Share these equally hilarious and awesome questions with others by clicking on the link below!