Meet The Only Person In The Whole World Who Goes Swimming With Polar Bears

Meet beast-master Mark Dumas, a very talented animal trainer who just so happens to be the only human in the whole world who can enjoy a relaxing swim with the wild polar bear. This fearless man will absolutely make you wonder, is he really that brave or just plain crazy?


Mark Abbot Dumas is the only person you’ll see in a position like this.

Agee is unlike any other polar bear you’d ever see in captivity or in the wild. Her best friend is her human animal trainer, Mark Abbot Dumas. He took her in and began hand-raising her when she was only a tiny cub.

Honestly, Mark is the only man in the world who can touch a polar bear in this way.

Now, he can wrestle, play and train her while completely trusting her. Not everyone can take a long nap with a polar bear after a long day of work.

Taking a little swim with Agee the bear is completely normal for Mark.

Mark, along with his wife Dawn, own and operate the Beyond Just Bears animal training and talent company, which is home to not only one of their biggest stars but also one of the world’s biggest land predators, Agee the polar bear.

Mark and the 800lb bear are very close and share a lot of trust.

Agee, who is 800-pouonds, and has been in Mark’s life since she was just a wee little cub. In fact, she was in the movie “Alaska” in 1995 when she was just a few weeks old.

The trainer and his wife Dawn took in and trained Agee when she was only just eight weeks old.

Although it’s absolutely adorable, not everyone can do this with these kind of wild animals. Mark is a trained professional who has been in Agee’s life since she was a baby. Mark and Agee has an incredible bond. You can tell by watching the video below that she trusts him with everything she has.

She was a surplus cub at Kolmarden Zoo, Sweden. Instead of staying in a zoo, she was taken into a family and trained to be in movies.

Watch as wrestles with her, kisses her, and she even gives him the classic bear hug! The bond is so strong that Mark can even come up behind Agee without any sign of aggression. All she wants to do with him is play and be affectionate.

Watch the Amazing Video:

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