Tea Tree Oil – The best Natural Antiseptic

As a massage therapist, I have used tea tree oil to treat numerous ailments, from Athlete’s foot to outbreaks of Herpes and infected cuts. Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia trees – which grow only in New South Wales, Australia.

Of course, I never knew that when I first started to use it – all I knew was that it was a natural antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial that worked extremely well for a number of conditions.  I must admit, it is expensive (in monetary terms)– and the only reason I discovered that is because I found myself using it as a treatment quite often.

I later discovered that it is also used in a number of other processes such as soap making and acne treatments. Personally – I do not like tea tree soap – It is too astringent for my skin, but others swear by it. After discovering how effective it is, I did a little research and discovered it was widely used as an antibiotic during the 1920s until being largely replaced with commercial products. As we all started to look towards more natural remedies again, it has become more popular – since the 1970s. I can certainly recommend it over commercial products – because it grows naturally and will not build a resistance. I do not recommend using high dosages, and it tastes terrible – which tells me you should only use it externally.

It is certainly an effective treatment. I have used it to help cuts heal faster – and there is a noticeable lessening of scar tissue formed. Especially used in conjunction with cocoa butter, which is also useful for reducing stretch marks during pregnancy. On application it invariably stings somewhat – depending on the level of infection or the depth of the cut. Try using it to treat minor infections, cuts or cases of athlete’s foot.

It surely does sting. I must admit – the first time I tried it on a cut, I was climbing the wall, but a few seconds later, all was well. Most antiseptics seem to sting, so if that is any indication, it is at least as effective as any others I have tried.

On a personal level – I love this stuff. It is natural – unless you drink half a pint of it can have no ill effects – and I am a great believer in using natural, replaceable medications.