The Righteous Atheist

A Righteous Atheist bathing in the Lord’s Approval. Otherwise known as sunshine. And if you are wondering – that is St Peters in Rome.

I see a lot of self-professed Christians announcing their “righteousness,” and proclaiming that they are “putting on God’s armour,” in the fight against whomever it is their invisible omnipotent deity needs them to fight against. Which leads to inevitable clashes, ill will and the rather ironic self righteousness that comes with thinking that one needs to fight for one’s God. Personally – if I was inclined to believe in an omnipotent Super Being, which I am not – I would choose one that did not need and require my feeble efforts to defend it – but that is just me.

In truth – this is the root of my personal opposition to a belief in a God. If a belief in a personal God causes this much ill will – and history bears me out that this is the case, surely this is Not A Good Thing.

And I am singling this belief out – not religion; too many self proclaimed righteous Christians lay the blame for all the conflicts on “religion,” not their belief in a God. When the root of religion is indeed, the belief in a deity. No deity – no religion. Simple really.

We would not have built the Vatican without a belief that the invisible Catholic Super Daddy needed to be worshipped ostentatiously. Islamic nutcases would not have flown planes into buildings on 9/11 without a belief in an Invisible Super Being. People would not directly accuse me of acting on behalf of Satan without a belief in an Invisible Super Being. Let’s be honest – this is the root of the problem. Religion is the inevitable result of a belief in a god that wrote a book for ya.

Jesus V Mohammed. Smackdown – The Final Conflict? I sure hope not.

Jesus V Muhhamed – The Final Smackdown


More Than One Invisible Super Being?

The fact that Islam’s Super Being is apparently a different Super Being to the Christian Super Being is not good news to anyone. To any thinking person – and as arrogant as this may appear to my religious cousins, I include myself in that category – the idea of several different competing Invisible Super Beings fills them with a deep sense of foreboding. I hesitate to call this prophecy, but this is a recipe for disaster if ever there was one. Although – one of our resident Islamic Religionists is insistent that it is actually the same Invisible Super Being – the Christians are just doing it wrong and if they would just shut up about Jesus being God and get with the Ahmadiyya program – we could all live in peace and our women could properly be covered up as Allah wishes.

So – rather than waste any more time arguing with religionists who cannot see that proclaiming themselves righteous and then pointing a finger at any one who questions this self-righteousness as being a “Satan whisperer,” hell bent on hating and attacking Jesus and throwing down God, I thought it might be a good idea to offer up proof that atheists are more righteous than Believers. Not any particular cult – all cults. And – yes – they are all cults, the only difference is how much money they have collected.

Seeing as the the Protestants are attacking the Catholics are attacking the Muslims; are busy fighting amongst themselves as to which cult is the right one – how about just keep it simple. You believe in a personal god? You are not as righteous as an atheist.Tongue firmly in cheek here, you thinkers may gather, and – of course – I have my own definition of “righteous.”

Now – admittedly, I do find Islam slightly more scary than Christendom, just as I find Mormonism slightly more ridiculous than the “bog-standard” version of Xtianity, but if ever the Christian religionists attempting to insert their ridiculous political beliefs into American government are successful, I would change that stance, because the only reason Islam is so scary is its ties to governmental power. Christianity has long since lost its own – not necessarily influence – no one could accuse the Christians of not having any political influence – but the ability to write laws and employ armed soldiers to enforce them. Thank God. 😀

Still – Internet forums are a good example of what happens when Christians and Muslims start “peacefully discussing” their peaceful, loving religious beliefs.

please before you have the whole world laughing at your silly posts, speak only the truth, stop Christian bashing, do not even think you love Jesus or Mary, they are not from your faith and Jesus and Mary are only in the Quran to serve your evil ways, you can never speak for Jesus or Mary as they are NOT MUSLIM that is what I belive and I am sick of your 1/2 truths. Speak with proof of your words paar or SHUT UP

So – Why is an atheist more righteous than a believer?

Three reasons – honesty, rationality and the ability to develop a moral and ethical code appropriate to today.

Moral Codes? Don’t talk to me about moral codes

Developing a moral code

Believers in a Personal God that “revealed knowledge,” are forced to either adopt a bronze age moral code, which is clearly not appropriate today, or re-interpret it to suit modern social mores, and by no means do all believers adopt the same interpretation. The confusion caused by ethical and moral standards that are at the same time written in stone and adaptable with numerous interpretations means they have no moral compass to follow.

They lack moral guidance and are taught from a young age that they are incapable of developing their own moral code. Is divorce OK? Is sex with 9-year-old girls OK? Is killing your wife OK? Can you eat shell fish? and so on and so on. The constant bickering and fighting over these points are proof enough for me that no genuine believer is righteous.This system may have worked when the word of the priest was gospel – but no more. Too many scandals have proven time and time again that a man of the cloth is just a man – with no more moral compass than your garden variety pedophile or embezzler.

The bible is pretty clear about some things like divorce, arguing with non believers and so forth – yet we have divorced people arguing with non believers and generally preaching the hell out of other parts of the bible ad infinitum. One of the videos on the right is clear too. Islam allows wife killing – but within certain constraints. If I had never seen a Christian stand and argue about his beliefs – I might have some respect for them. As all they seem to do is argue about them – no respect. None.

Muslim Morality?



Morals and Ethics

Muslimism or Christianism? All the same to me – we have just forced the Christians in our society to not do wot god sed.

Check out how many US churches are heavily in debt and facing bankruptcy. The bible is pretty darn clear about borrowing money as well. “The wicked borrows but does not pay back.”

These are the self same churches that have an opinion on abortions, same sex marriages and any number of other matters that they are not morally or ethically qualified to have an opinion on.

Atheists are not hindered in their thinking in this fashion. We do not believe in an invisible Super Being, so if we behave in a way that allows us to co-exists with our fellows, it is because we have chosen to. We also tend to stick to the morals we have chosen because we believe it is the right thing to do. there is a reason prisons have a higher proportion of believers to atheists than should be the case compared to the general population.


Atheists are honest with both themselves and others, and this honesty often (but not always) transfers over to other areas of life rather than just lack of religious beliefs. I do not pretend I love you and then stab you in the back, make underhanded passive aggressive attacks and generally prove I don’t love you. I probably don’t even like you, truth be told. I don’t like many human beings and the chances are you are not among the elite few I do like. Sure – I like them in the abstract – but up close and personal?

And after listening to your ridiculous assertions about politics and religion? No – all you have probably done is persuade me you are too stupid to be worth the effort. Which would you prefer? An honest answer – or Christian love that involves attacking and undermining you?

At least the Islamists don’t try and pretend they love everyone, I will give them that. They are a clear threat to me and my values. A bit like the guys who tattoo their faces in prison. Thanks for the warning guys – it is appreciated. I see you walking down the street wearing a loose, free flowing skirt and your woman following two paces behind, covered head to toe in heavy black cloth like a good little sheeple? Thanks – I know all I need to know about you.

I know current demands from Islamic religionists are to be more tolerant and respectful of Islam – but – why? Here is some honestly for you – I have no respect for your religion. None. I find it offensive and dangerous. I do not take kindly to constantly being attacked as incapable and irrational because I do not believe in your Invisible Super Being. Not going to pretend I do respect it. Any more than I respect Christianity. Why would I respect a political religion that systematically raped Europe and then the colonies for hundreds of years in order to build monstrous perversions to God. Why should I respect a religion that teaches the nonsensical values of an illiterate goat herder who had sex with a 9 year old girl.

“Rational” arguments for and against an Invisible Super Being


I see a lot of religionists making an argument that believing in an Invisible Super Being is the only “rational,” decision to make, and any one who does not do so must have an ulterior motive for not doing so.

Clearly – they are using the term “rational,” in a way that I am not familiar with and I do find it extremely entertaining when these same people start attacking other religions – as they invariably do.

Seriously? An Invisible Deity that will judge me and – should I be found wanting – i.e. – not having believed in this unprovable, unknowable, invisible, undefinable, constantly-argued about entity – I will be punished? Really? Punishments ranging from being cast into a lake of fire to obliteration, depending on which version of the deity you worship and how you interpret whichever version of whichever book you have decided is the one from God. Honestly? Do you have any idea just how ridiculous that sounds? And this is rational?

I don’t want to make this an argument about the likelihood (or not) of god existing, but here are a few of my favorite opinions on atheists:

Atheism, the belief that there is no God, fits that definition perfectly since there is no evidence for the universe just popping into being. The Bible says that it is the fool who has said in his heart that there is no God, I concur.

Not content to just make some rather twisted statements about the universe popping into being, the argument seems to be that – well, Yes, actually the universe did indeed pop into being – it just needed an Invisible Super Being to do the Majik and anyone who does not agree with this masterful assessment is a fool. These dishonest attacks on any one who does not subscribe to their belief system are another pointer to a lack of moral guidance, sadly.

Although, my favorite quote from a religionist lately has to be this one.

Atheists are evil. Anyone who denies God is evil. I watch these forums but rarely comment and the Atheists are incredibly nasty. I rarely see a hateful comment from a Christian but the Atheists specialize in hate. Then by transference they accuse Christians of being “haters.”

Some Atheist “Haters” – Otherwise Known as “Charities”

Now I don’t want to get into a pissing contest about who has the most charities – believers or non believers, because the simple fact is that most religious charities provide charity as a sort of by product of their evangelizing and many American Conservatives will only give to charities who spread the word also. But – what I would like to do is point out a few non-believer organizations that do good in the world in order to dispel the religionists view that “all atheists are evil.”

This is a basic list of “atheist” charities, check them out and – support them if you feel so inclined. There are dozens more.

Want to learn about atheism?

There are an awful lot of untruths being spread about atheism, and many of these are spread by religious folks in order to distract from the legitimate claims made against their belief system. For far too long, religion demanded and got a free pass in any number of areas. Just look at the Catholic church abuse scandals in Ireland. Yet there are American religionists who would gladly move to Ireland because abortion is still illegal there. Ignoring the constant warfare that goes on between two competing “peace loving” Christian cults – really? You would want to live some where where the state has the right to force you to give birth against your will?

Atheism is a term that should not exist as far as I am concerned, and the only reason it does exist is the free pass and automatic assumption of an invisible Super Being that has been forced into our collective consciousness and speech patterns for the last several thousand years.

The God concept is just that – a concept. At what point it became an actual Being is moot, but the Monotheistic Political Religions that have dominated our landscape and skewed our thinking to the point of being dangerous to us as a species are losing power and the foot soldiers defending these beliefs have to use dishonesty as a tool. The first person they need to lie to is themselves and in order to maintain this lie – it is necessary to create constant distractions and outside aggressors in order to maintain the fiction.

Atheism is simply a lack of belief. Some of us – myself included – like to take it a step further in order to hear how “irrational,” it is to make a decision that there is no God. I did not make this decision lightly. I gave it some serious consideration and investigated the “evidence,” of which there is none, unless you are prepared to suspend disbelief quite drastically. Some people cannot live without the idea there is a god – I get that. What I don’t really fully understand is the need to make everyone else think the same way.

I read a book recently called “TESTAMENT,” by Jean Meslier, a 17th Century parish priest. It is his final memoirs, hidden away and printed after his death and details his opinion on the inanity of belief in God and the parasitic clergy he came to despise. I wouldn’t call it an easy read, but it offers an interesting insight into God belief from an unusual perspective.

I will leave you with another righteous atheist, Sam Harris speaking about how and why science can help to answer “moral” questions.



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