These Are The Sexiest Girl And Boy Names


Baby naming is tough. After all, kids have to stick with their names their entire lives — or at least until they’re old enough to change them. From exotic names, regional names (hint: Brooklyn) and old-fashioned names, there’s plenty of directions to go in.

Even sexy, according to the readers over at Baby Name Wizard.

“When we asked thousands of BabyNameWizard.com readers to rate the names in our Namipedia on ‘sexiness,’ specific name styles kept rising to the top,” Baby Wizard blogger, Laura Wattenberg, wrote.

They are as follows.

The top 5 sexiest girl names:

1. Scarlett

2. Nicolette

3. Natalia

4. Anaïs

5. Paulina

The top 5 sexiest boy names:

1 Alessandro

2. Lorenzo

3. Rhett

4. Romeo

5. Mateo

The top 5 least sexy girl names:

1. Gertrude

2. Bertha

3. Agnes

4. Ethel

5. Mildred

The top 5 least sexy guy names:

1. Bob

2. Ernest

3. Norman

4. Dick

5. Howard

What we’re sensing here is that less traditional names that roll off the tongue are considered sexy while old-people names are not. Makes sense.

But given that more parents are naming their children more traditional names (perhaps due to English names catching on) that could change sooner rather than later.

For the full list, check out Baby Name Wizard’s post. via