This Abandoned Village Is A Glimpse Into A World Without People. And It’s Absolutely Mesmerizing.

When you’re surrounded by the wonders of modern civilization, with its highways, skyscrapers, and department stores, it’s easy to forget that our foothold in this world is not as secure as we may think. The truth is that our dominance is fragile and fleeting. No matter how much we build, conquer, and expand, nature is always waiting in the wings to reclaim what it rightfully owns.

One of the most powerful reminders of this truth is on the secluded island of Goqui, off the coast of China. What photographer Jane Green recently documented there will take your breath away.

At the mouth of China’s Yantze River is the Shengsi Archipelago, a cluster of 400 islands known for their immense beauty and inviting subtropical climate. via

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