This Looks Like An Old Abandoned Train, But The Inside Reveals Something Completely Unexpected.

In the woods outside the small town of Essex, Montana, there’s a trail of old train cars that have been there for decades – sitting there, seemingly frozen in time.

But a peek inside tells an entirely different story.

This is the caboose – or tail end – of the Great Northern X215 freight train that passed through Essex, Montana, in 1941. It remains in pristine condition on the outside, but the inside is unrecognizable.


Welcome to the Izaak Walton Inn. What was once the inside of a train car has been converted to a modern, beautiful lodge that can house up to six people.

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Source: Izaak Walton Inn via – boredomtherapy

To make it even better, Essex, MT is in close proximity to the gorgeous Glacier National Park, making it a mandatory addition to my bucket list.

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