The Tiniest Drone in the World is MINUSCULE!


It wasn’t long ago that we were amazed by any kind of drone, but now our jaws are dropping for another reason – the amazingly small size of the latest quadcopters. As if following the exponential improvements dictated by “Moore’s law”, we’re seeing these flying machines shrink to ever more impressive scales. The SKEYE Nano is just the latest, and smallest, of the quadcopter evolution. Measuring just 4.0 x 4.0 centimeters (1.57 x 1.57 inches), it is small enough to take off and land on the palm of your hand.

Although the Nano looks basically like a miniature version of the popular Phantom quadcopters, you’re not going to be carrying a GoPro camera with this anytime soon. It probably won’t be long before drones this small are carrying a camera though (Eirik Solheim recently wowed an audience by flying a slightly larger drone outside the auditorium, all while projecting the flight live on a giant screen). Expect more advancements soon.(via The Creators Project via visual news)

SKEYE-Nano-Drone-3 SKEYE-Nano-Drone-2 SKEYE-Nano-Drone-4