Turn Your Dog Into A Dinosaur With This Triceratops Costume

Dogs are the only pets friendly and loyal enough to let us dress them as dinosaurs, which, of course, are the only pets that we all REALLY want. But why are dogs so tolerant of silly dinosaur costumes like these? For that, we must go back in time…

Dogs were domesticated in prehistoric times when wolves hunted with humans and fed on their scraps. When and why did we start to use the phrase man’s best friend? Frederick II,  the 18th century King of Prussia, first used it to refer to his pet Italian greyhounds. Why? There’s a clue in the name: canis familiaris, which means friendly, or household, dog.

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If you like these prehistoric pooches, pick up a dinosaur costume from Animal Planet!

More info: Amazon (h/t: laughing squid via – bored panda)