Vatican Art Behind The Scenes

The Swiss guard “guarding,” the Vatican

Recently, I was lucky enough to be given a private tour of some of the Papal Apartments in the Apostolic Palace (the Vatican to you and me), and these are a few photos taken during the tour. The taking of photographs is frowned upon, but, what the hell – I figured if I didn’t burst into flames on entering the building I was probably going to be fine taking a few pictures.

Do they let Atheists in?


No flames so far


The Pope likes high ceilings

More impressive passageways

Swiss Guards abound

This place is huge!

And this is just the entrance way

Looking back down the corridor

Quick peek at the Sistine Chapel before going up to the private area

Damn that snake (well – damn us – according to the majik story)

Jesus is coming back and he’s not going to be happy when he gets here!

God Majicks Adam into being

The Last Supper by Rosselli

Can’t say I was not impressed

Leaving the Sistine Chapel and heading into the area not usually open to the general public. Too many images to name, but this is a representative sample of photographs. Art, art, art – everywhere you look – art. Rafael (amongst others) was a busy boy……

Yet another stunning room

Intricate ceiling in a hallway

Swiss guard about to tell me not to take photographs. Right……..

OK – one last photo then

Just another boring hallway

Some people for scale

Possibly the cleanest floor I have ever seen. Cleanliness being next to………

Stunning stuff. Amazing what you can do with unlimited funds


Most expensive sconce in existence?

No – this might be the most expensive sconce in existence

Wheelchair access provided

Man killing a man with a club like the bible says

Christianity is a religion of peace…….. 😀

Vatican art you can walk over


Yet another stunning ceiling full of art



Pope Leo X was no priest – but was he an atheist? “What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!” Pope Leo X




Cherubim frolicking on the Vatican ceiling




Map on the wall of the Vatican



There is art literally everywhere you go in the Vatican

The Righteous Atheist on the balcony overlooking St Peters


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