Viral Videos That Were Total Fakes

1. Dust devil escapeb1ef3b88-6ab2-4542-bc89-30de436ea535.crop_1440x812_0,0.preview.quality_lighter.inline_yes

7.5 million people saw the video of an Australian guy freaking out as he came across a huge dust devil. He jumped out of the car to catch the beast on his camcorder, but got caught off guard at how close it came and had to make a run for it.

It seemed like a close call, but in reality it was all part of a staged marketing campaign by the Woolshed Company to promote the film “Into The Storm.”

2. Drowning goat saved by pig


9 million hearts swelled when they saw a piglet jump into a pond to save a struggling goat. It wasn’t a rescue though, it was an elaborate marketing scheme by comedy series “Nathan” to promote a petting zoo.

Creators brought in a pig and divers to guide him through an underwater plexiglass path. Take a second look, and you’ll see that he’s not actually helping the goat.

3. Dude runs on water


14.2 million viewers fell for a not-so-elaborate hoax that showed an athlete defying gravity.

The pranksters set it up to look as if a guy ran at a speed high enough to allow him to temporarily skid on water. What we don’t see is the platform underneath.

A high tech sports company eventually revealed that they made the video to promote their new waterproof shoe, which they were sure to feature in close-up shots.

4. Eagle picks up kid


44 million viewers were duped into believing a big eagle swooped down and picked up a toddler in a park. Why would someone make such a freaky video? For a school assignment.

Students from the National Animation and Design Centre in Montreal, Canada were given an effects assignment. To pass they had to get 100,000 clicks.

We’re pretty sure they got an A+. via – a plus

Watch clips of the videos with hilarious commentary by the guys at “Good Mythical Morning.”