Zen Dogs: Photographer Captures The ‘Relaxed’ State Of Man’s Best Friend

Australia’s leading animal photographer Alex Cearns has just released a never before seen, world first photo series “ZEN DOGS”. The photo series is a joyful and uplifting series of pooch portraits showing each dog in a Zen like pose, relaxed and happy, with their eyes blissfully closed.

Alex Cearns photographs over 800 beloved pet dogs each year in her studio in Perth, Australia and in 2013, Alex captured an image of Suzi the Sharpei, where Suzi’s eyes were closed and a she had a big smile on her face. She called the image “ZEN DOG” and became keen to capture the emotion and moment of being a “ZEN DOG” for other dogs who visited her studio; since then, Alex has been aiming to capture at least one “ZEN DOG” image for every photo session she conducts.

The images capture a split second blink of Alex’s dog subjects, freezing the moment in time. Sitting only a foot away, Alex watches each dog subject carefully to pick up on their blinking pattern and takes a series of images just before she predicts their blink. The images are the first of their kind and show we can learn a lot from the “ZEN DOGS”.

Animal lovers will know dogs are spontaneous, carefree and give everything 110%, even during their periods of relaxation. This series of images is a gentle and positive reminder to stop and take a break, to relax and unwind, to be fully present in each and every experience, and to breathe it all in.

More info: houndstoothstudio.com.au via boredpanda

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